Fisher-Price Rock 'N Play Lawsuits


The Rock n’ Play Sleeper was designed to put infants to sleep. Tragically, the design has a fatal flaw: it can cause suffocation in babies who roll over while in the sleeper. The position they land in can cause asphyxia, cutting off their airway and causing them to suffocate. Pediatricians have long known about the connection between infant suffocation and stomach sleeping. Most doctors recommend babies be put to sleep on their backs with no bedding to reduce the risk of suffocation. Lawsuits against Fisher-Price say the design of the Rock n’ Play violates this well-publicized recommendation.

Justice for Rock ‘N Play Sleeper Victims

If your child has suffered injuries or died while using Fisher-Price’s Rock n’ Play Sleeper, you’re probably eager to hold the company responsible. While it’s natural to want justice, it’s important to take certain steps on the road to holding Fisher-Price accountable. Your first move? Contact a product liability attorney with a thorough understanding of the Rock n’ Play Sleeper lawsuits.

We have the Experience

The team at the Law Offices of Richard J. Serpe has the knowledge, resources, and experience necessary to go after negligent companies like Fisher-Price. It takes all of these elements to build a successful case against a children’s toy manufacturer. Substantial settlements and verdicts in such cases are possible, but not without an experienced product liability lawyer by your side.

The loss of a child is profound. Nothing can take away the pain of such a loss. Filing a claim, however, may provide you with a sense of justice. It can also help inspire change in the industry, leading to life-saving measures that could prevent the death of other children. Any financial award you receive from the lawsuit can be used to cover costs associated with your loss, like medical bills and funeral expenses.

Allow us to handle the logistics of your case while you take time to grieve. We’ll collect evidence, file paperwork and negotiate with the opposing party. If a settlement can’t be negotiated, our lawyers are trial-ready and unafraid to take your opponent to court.

Free Rock n’ Play Sleeper Lawsuit Consultations

Product liability lawsuits come with strict deadlines. If you’re hoping to take action against Fisher-Price, it’s important to do so quickly. Our team is ready to take your call any time of day or night. Dial or text 877-544-5323 to schedule a time for a free case review with a Rock n’ Play Sleeper lawyer.


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