Jury Awards Talc Victim $70 Million

How much do you trust the companies behind your favorite health products? Would you trust them with your life?

That’s the question on many baby powder users minds following a third verdict against Johnson & Johnson. The company insists their talc-based products are safe, yet three juries have now awarded ovarian cancer patients who say they used talcum powder for years before being diagnosed.

In this newest case, the California woman had used talcum powder on her genitals for 45 years. She blamed her ovarian cancer diagnosis on the talc, and accused the pharmaceutical giant of negligence for not properly warning consumers of the risks associated with their product. A St. Louis jury agreed and awarded her $70 million.

Johnson and Johnson plan to appeal this decision, along with two other similar decisions made earlier this year. Combined, the lawsuits have resulted in nearly $200 million in losses for the company.

Of course, the money gained in settlements like this can never make up for the deteriorating health of the victims. Anyone who has ever struggled through a cancer battle will tell you that no amount of money can make the fight worth it.

The plaintiff in this most recent courtroom battle says she was still using talcum powder even after her initial ovarian cancer diagnosis. She had no family history and wasn’t considered to be especially high risk. It wasn’t until she saw a commercial on TV warning women of the potential link between ovarian cancer and talc that she made the connection.

Because Johnson & Johnson still insist their product is safe, many of their customers have no idea the risk they might be taking on by using talcum powder each day. If you know someone who incorporates the product into their daily routine, make them aware of the allegations against Johnson & Johnson – it could save their life.

Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuits

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