Did J&J Value Profit Over the Health of Consumers?

Johnson & Johnson is a name most people recognize. After all, the company is responsible for the products we use daily. From band aids to mouthwash, we’ve probably all purchased items from Johnson & Johnson at some point or another. The products are so ubiquitous, we don’t give much thought about them one way or the other. We trust the company – as well as the FDA – to protect consumer health and safety. Unfortunately, as evidenced by recent lawsuits, this trust may have been misplaced.

Johnson & Johnson has followed study after study with the same findings: talcum powder, when used for feminine hygiene, may cause ovarian cancer. This research goes back nearly forty years, yet the company never once added any kind of warning to the labels on their baby powder. In fact, J&J advocated for the use of the product for feminine hygiene with the campaign slogan “a sprinkle a day keeps odor away.”

The company recently sought out the dismissal of one lawsuit against them, filed by the family of an ovarian cancer victim. Fortunately, the judge denied the request, arguing that jurors would find plenty of reason for J&J to hide the risks associated with talc. The jurors ultimately found the company at fault and awarded the plaintiff’s family more than $70 million in compensation.

Johnson & Johnson had many, many decades to right their wrongs. Only time – and the 1,200 and growing talcum powder lawsuits – will tell if they will ever fix their labels.

Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuits

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