Manufacturer Funded Research Disputes Invokana Amputation Risks

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Janssen Pharmaceuticals has published new research they say proves that their drug is safe for patients​. The study comes on the heels of independent research revealing an increased risk of amputation in patients taking Invokana. Janssen Pharmaceuticals cites a study conducted by their own team of researchers, saying no link between Invokana and amputations could be found.

This contradicts multiple other independent studies that have found a connection between the drug and an increased risk of amputations. Though the link is not fully understood, people taking the drug were more likely to require amputations of their toes, feet, and legs.

Multiple lawsuits have been filed against Janssen Pharmaceuticals since the research has come to light. Critics say the company should have warned patients of the increased risk of amputation. A simple label warning of the health risks could have prevented countless lost limbs.

The new research from Janssen will do little to stop critics of the company from spreading the word about Invokana’s risks. Their “real world” study contains a host of issues beyond simply being funded by the company responsible for the drug. Real world studies often lack representative databases and are more likely to be biased than randomized clinical studies.

Those suffering from amputation while taking Invokana should consider speaking with an attorney about their legal options.