Severe HP Caused By Injectafer Iron Infusions

We are no longer accepting these cases. This page is for informational purposes only and may be out-of-date. 

Informed Medical Care

When we see a doctor for help with a health concern, we expect our best interests to be kept in mind by everyone involved. From the nurses carefully drawing blood to the receptionist locking down our private medical data, our health and privacy are of utmost importance.

Unfortunately, though, a single mislabeled drug can undo all of the hard work and care put into your treatment. In some cases, the side effects associated with such drugs can do more harm than good. While it’s one thing to make an eyes wide open decision about taking medicine while knowing its side effects, those taking unlabeled or mislabeled pharmaceuticals can end up in serious danger.

It’s a story that’s all too common: a drug manufacturer opts not to warn patients of the risks associated with their medicine. One such legal battle occurring now between the makers of the drug Injectafer and patients who took the medication exemplifies such risks. Designed to help people with iron deficiency anemia, Injectafer also increases the risk of the patient developing hypophosphatemia or HPP.

Side Effects Of Injectafer

While most drugs have side effects, Injectafer opted not to warn patients that their product could cause severe Hypophosphatemia (HP). The syndrome can lead to weakness, nausea, confusion, and numbness. Left untreated, HP can cause seizures, comas and even death. What’s especially shocking is that research shows that over half of those taking Injectafer developed HP. Still, the corporations behind Injectafer chose not to warn doctors or their patients about the risks.

It’s unacceptable for such companies to get away with this level of negligence.

Free Consultations

That’s why we’re eager to help anyone who has suffered complications as a result of taking Injectafer. If you or a loved one has taken the drug and developed HP, contact us for a free consultation. While nothing can undo the damage done by the pharmaceutical companies, we can seek compensation for all you endured.