Essure victims take fight to Washington

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A group of women are taking their complaints straight to Washington, D.C. after their Essure implants caused undue pain and suffering.

A new Congressional act would require the Food and Drug Administration to pull Essure’s status. Pennsylvania Representative Mike Fitzpatrick is the man behind the “e-free” act, which would dramatically change Essure’s role on the market. Fitzpatrick and the victims he’s helping won’t rest until the device is removed for the market or made safe for all users.

Essure has been the center of much controversy recently. The birth control device was designed to permanently prevent pregnancy, but without the unnecessary risks of a surgical procedure like a tubal ligation. Unfortunately, however, women experienced painful side effects they weren’t warned about in advance.

Joint pain, debilitating headaches, allergic reactions to the nickel that the device is made from were just a few of the laundry list of issues Essure users experienced.

Side effects can be expected from most medical devices and procedures. The difference with Essure is that the women who received the implant had no idea of the potential pain and suffering they would face. So far, their complaints have fell off the deaf ears of the FDA and of the makers of Essure. Perhaps with Congressman Fitzpatrick on their side, these victims will finally find justice.