Bair Hugger Lawsuits Consolidated in Multidistrict Litigation

We Are No Longer Accepting Bair Hugger Cases. This page is for informational purposes & may be out-of-date.

Dozens of Bair Hugger lawsuits have been consolidated into multidistrict litigation. The suits all allege the same complaint: that the medical device known as the Bair Hugger forced-air warming devices caused contaminants from the operating room floor to enter the surgical site.

The Bair Hugger has been used in hospitals around the country to keep patients warm during surgery. The device acts as a warming blanket, keeping warm air circulating from the floor to the patient. There is evidence that Bair Hugger can cause contamination and infection in surgical patients.

Some patients who the Bair Hugger was used on, claim the device caused severe infection. Others cite the Bair Hugger and its contamination as the ultimate reason for the amputation of their limb. Once infection sets in, it can be difficult to combat, especially in a patient recovering from surgery.

The consolidation of these lawsuits will allow for one judge to oversee all the various claims related to this issue. By bringing the complaint before a single judge, it becomes a centralized process for the hundreds – if not thousands – of victims to pursue their claim against the manufacturer of the Bair Hugger, 3M.

Lawsuits allege, 3M knew of the potential for contamination for years but did nothing to alert doctors of the risks or make changes to the design of the Bair Hugger. Studies have found that use of the forced air warming blanket may cause increases in the number of particles in the air near a surgical wound, as well as increased rates of hip and knee infections following joint replacement surgeries.