Judges Sets Conference for Bair Hugger Litigation

We Are No Longer Accepting Bair Hugger Cases. This page is for informational purposes & may be out-of-date.

An initial conference between attorneys and the U.S. District Judge presiding over the federal Bair Hugger lawsuits has been ordered for February 2016. The meeting will focus on the organization of the multidistrict litigation, including policies for filing new cases and selecting plaintiffs attorneys to act as leaders throughout the process. This is the next step in a long line of steps required for victims of the Bair Hugger medical device to fight for the justice they deserve.

About the Bair Hugger Lawsuits

The Bair Hugger is a warming blanket that has been used in surgical theaters across the nation for decades. Designed to pump air from the room’s floor up to the surgical patient to keep them warm during the procedure, the Bair Hugger is now believed to be dangerous – especially for those undergoing hip or knee surgery. The device allows bacteria to enter the otherwise sterile surgical site, often causing infections in patients.

For hip and knee surgery patients, there is extra risk, given how deep into the bone the surgeons must go. Should bacteria make its way into the surgical site, there are dangerous ramifications.

Complications include: MRSA, sepsis, amputation, additional surgeries, and even wrongful death. 

Currently, there are at least 82 hip infection lawsuits and knee infection lawsuits associated with the Bair Hugger. Undoubtedly, there are many more victims who will come forward with their stories and seek legal action against the makers of the Bair Hugger. Multidistrict litigation has been ordered to prevent conflicting rulings from different courts. This initial conference will begin to set the tone for what will surely be a critical case for patients, doctors and the healthcare industry alike.