Virginia Car Accident Resources

  • Free Book: The 5 Keys to Winning Your Virginia Accident Case
    web preview_2DIf you or a loved one has been a victim of an automobile accident in Virginia, we strongly suggest that you read our book before hiring a lawyer or speaking with the insurance company. Insurance companies have vast resources to prevent you from receiving a maximum settlement, and this book provides the tools you need to stay informed and protect yourself.


  • Three Important Things to Keep in Mind When Reviewing Your Auto Insurance Policy
    Description: It is not unusual in Virginia for one accident to result in multiple insurance policies potentially providing for payment to one injured person. It is important in severe injury cases to understand all of the potential sources of coverage, or you may be left with an inadequate recovery.
  • The 6 Most Common Causes of Automobile Crashes
    Description: Norfolk, Virginia attorney Richard Serpe lists the most common causes of automobile crashes in the United States. Before you hit the road you need to be aware of the dangers that await you and arm yourself with the best defense, knowledge, out there. If you should get into an accident, the Law Offices of Richard Serpe is ready and able to help you protect your rights during a chaotic time.
  • What Car Drivers Need to Know About Truck Accidents
    Description: Because large trucks account for about 1,300 accidents a year in Virginia, it is important that motorists educate themselves about the dangers of truck accidents and know ahead of time what to watch out for if they’re involved in a collision with a tractor trailer.
  • Need Repairs after an Auto Accident? Beware of Scammers!
    Description: If you’re been in an auto accident, one of the hurdles you’ll have to jump is getting your vehicle repaired to your satisfaction. Not only will you have to deal with the insurance company, but you’ll also have to find a body shop that you trust to perform the work. Most mechanics and body shops are honest and dependable, however there are enough scam artists out there that you need to be aware of potential problems.
  • What Makes Teenagers Such Bad Drivers?
    Description: What makes teenagers such bad drivers? Most people can guess why teens and cars are such dangerous mixes. Teenagers are more likely to engage in and enjoy risky behavior than older people. Teens are new to driving, and like any new skill it takes time to learn one’s limitations and develop the coordination needed to navigate a busy road (and ignore distractions like cell-phones, music players, or loud friends). What is less well understood is why risky behavior is so appealing and what it really takes to develop the skills needed to become a “good” driver and avoid auto accidents.

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