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  • The Medical Malpractice “Crisis:” Blaming the Victim
    Description:  The general consensus for the reason of skyrocketing medical malpractice premiums, at least according to the media and various insurance company-funded tort reform organizations, was that “frivolous medical malpractice lawsuits” and the “enormous verdicts” awarded to the plaintiffs were solely to blame.
  • Hospital Infections: A Serious Epidemic
    Description:  Former New York Governor Betsy McCaughey recently wrote an eye-opening article for The New York Times.  Ms. McCaughey is the founder of the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths, and in this op-ed piece she takes issue with the Center for Disease Control’s new guidelines for preventing hospital infections.
  • Medical Malpractice Insurers: Pleading Poverty from the Land of Plenty
    Description:  The American Association of Justice recently completed a study of the 2006 financial statements of fifteen insurance companies that specialize in medical malpractice.  We would like to sat that the results of this study are “startling,” but considering that most of the work that we do on behalf of our clients involves insurance companies, we are sad to say that we are not surprised at all.
  • Are Doctors too Cozy with Drug Makers?
    Description:  We’ve all seen those free pens and notepads in our doctor’s office, the ones that make us wonder if our doctor’s advice is as unbiased as it should be.  After all, how impartial can you be if you’re begin given free gifts and who knows what else from the very companies who want you to prescribe their medication?  This isn’t a new complaint, as over the years there have been numerous allegations that doctors and drug makers are too comfortable with one another, the latter treating the former to lunches, cruises, and lots of free swag.

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