Lead Poisoning

  • LeadCheck Swabs Have 64% Failure Rate
    Description: A company called Hybrivet Systems has been selling a lead detection kit since 1992. A recent study shows that their LeadCheck system has a very high failure rate.
  • Testing for Lead in Consumer Items for Children fact sheet from National Center for Healthy Housing can help victims of lead poisoning
    Description: The recent recalls of children’s toys, jewelry, clothing and other products have prompted consumers to seriously consider what lead hazards may be in their homes. When it comes to lead, the greatest hazard is most likely invisible lead dust from deteriorated lead-based paint. If you live in a home built before 1978, have a licensed lead risk assessor check your home. Parents or caregivers should consult their child’s pediatrician about getting a blood lead test if they believe their child may have been exposed to lead.
  • Litigating Claims for Lead Poisoned Children [PDF]
    Description: On October 14th, 2007, Judge John Morrison of the Norfolk Circuit Court awarded Chauncey Freeman $1,500,000 following a bench trial. This was only the second verdict for a lead poisoning victim in Virginia. This case brought together a microcosm of the issues faced by litigators evaluating and representing victims in lead poisoning cases. This paper presents 10 key lessons that are essential to success in this specialized type of litigation.
  • Think lead poisoning is all media hype? Think again!
    Description: Don’t believe that lead poisoning is really a problem? It is – that’s no lie. In fact it isn’t just an issue in the United States, it is in fact a very serious problem world-wide – particularly in developing nations. The statistics are shocking, and some of the numbers may actually make you an advocate for those stricken by lead poisoning. The Virginia based law office of Richard J. Serpe, P.C. is passionate about preserving the rights of individuals and families affected by lead exposure. Contact us today if you need a knowledgeable legal team to fight for your rights.
  • Recall Madness – Who is Testing Our Toys?
    Description: Toy recalls have dominated the news over the last few months, and parents and caregivers are wondering what the government and toy manufacturers are doing to ensure product safety. This article from the law offices of Richard J. Serpe, P.C. reveals some surprising facts, such as the legal use of lead in plastic toys and limitations of the CPSC’s oversight. Don’t take chances with your family’s health. If you are concerned about toxic toys and lead poisoning, contact Richard Serpe immediately for a no cost and no obligation consultation.
  • Lead Exposure – Symptoms, Treatment, and Advice for your Family
    Description: If you suspect that you or somebody in your family – a child, perhaps – has been exposed to lead, you may be wondering what to do now. What are the symptoms? Are there tests you can do yourself? What tests can your doctor or pediatrician run for you? What is the treatment for lead exposure? Are there any long-term health effects? The law office of Richard J. Serpe has put together this helpful summary of facts for anybody who is worried about lead exposure.
  • November 2007 CDC Guide for Blood Lead Levels < 10ug [PDF]
    Description: This report summarizes the findings of a review of clinical interpretation and management of BLLs <10 µg/dL conducted by CDC’s Advisory Committee on Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention. This report provides information to help clinicians understand BLLs <10 µg/dL, identifies gaps in knowledge concerning lead levels in this range, and outlines strategies to reduce childhood exposures to lead. In addition, this report summarizes scientific data relevant to counseling, blood lead screening, and lead exposure risk assessment.
  • Lead Poisoning in your Home, How do you know?
    Description: Are you worried about lead poisoning in your home? Read this site for a guide to determine whether or not your home has lead-based paint, or call toll free 877-544-LEAD (5323)
  • Richard Serpe’s Update on Lead Poisoning Litigation [PDF]
    Description: National Speech given by Richard Serpe on Lead Poisoning topics include: Norfolk and Richmond, IQ Loss, new advances in lead medicine, epidemiology, landlord tenant, housing authorities, municipalities, injuries other than IQ loss or brain injury


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