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Virginia Car Accident Lawyer - Richard SerpeHelping Virginia Car Accident Victims

Our Norfolk, Virginia personal injury lawyers are committed to helping car accident victims recover the best possible settlement and to help bring their life, as close as possible, to normal.

Fighting for the Fair Compensation that You Deserve.

We cannot change what has happened to you. We can, however, protect your rights and fight for the fair compensation that you are entitled in order to get the medical care that you deserve.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

We strongly advise that you do not speak to an insurance adjuster about your accident until you speak with an experienced Virginia car accident lawyer. Insurance adjusters are trained to get you to say things that will ruin your case and often even try to convince you that hiring a lawyer is not in your best interest. We recommend that you get help in dealing with adjusters to avoid wrecking your own case.

Virginia Car Accident Cases We Handle

Statute of Limitations - Deadlines for Filing a Lawsuit

Many accident victims that have taken a “wait and see” approach to find out the hard way that there are STRICT time limitations for bringing a Virginia car accident injury claim. As time goes by and their injuries have not gotten any better, victims then seek help for chronic pain or mounting hospital or medical bills. If you wait too long, the door to justice is closed forever. In Virginia, you typically must file a lawsuit with the court within two years of the date of the accident. If the injured person is a child or a person with a mental disability, this period can often be extended beyond two years.

Legal Help from an Experienced Virginia Injury Lawyer

Immediate investigation often makes the difference between winning and losing a car accident injury case. The Law Offices of Richard J. Serpe, P.C. conducts immediate investigations to identify crucial witnesses and preserve important evidence. Our attorneys and staff will immediately notify the insurance companies involved to protect you from abusive insurance company tactics.

Delays in an investigation can destroy your case because the evidence is often lost and key witnesses can become very difficult to locate over time. If you need a car accident attorney, contact us at 877-544-5323.