Virginia Beach Pedestrian Struck, Killed by Car

need-an-ambulance-1512594A Virginia Beach pedestrian died last night after a collision with a Toyota Camry. Authorities say that the incident occurred around 9:30 PM the evening of June 11, 2017. According to news reports, the Camry was heading southbound on Holland Road when a pedestrian stepped into the road. The Camry struck the pedestrian, who died at the scene of the accident.

Police say that the pedestrian was not using a designated crosswalk at the time of the wreck.

This accident highlights the tragedy of pedestrian accidents. So many people fail to use crosswalks when walking on Virginia Beach’s suburban streets. Many times, crosswalks are several blocks away, and seem like a pain to use. Jaywalking is sadly common throughout all of Hampton Roads.

Jaywalking at night is especially dangerous. Though 9:30 PM in the summer is just past the time of sunset, it can be difficult to see people in the roadway, especially if they’re not wearing brightly colored clothing to alert drivers of their presence.

If you’re out for an evening walk, consider investing in reflective clothing in bright colors. Avoid walking in the street if at all possible. Also, avoid alcohol if you’re going to be walking long distances or across major intersections. A person’s instincts can be majorly impacted by alcohol use, and while drunk walking is a better idea than getting behind the wheel of a car, it can still result in tragic accidents.

Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers

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