Children, Woman Hit by Vehicle in Norfolk

Three people were hurt Sunday when a car collided with pedestrians in downtown Norfolk. Police say they were called to the intersection of East Olney Road and Church street around 5 PM the evening of Sunday, February 18, 2018. Details about the crash have not been released, but we know that a woman and two […] February 22, 2018 READ MORE

Cyclist Injured in Norfolk Crash

One person was injured in a car accident in Norfolk last night. The February 20, 2018 crash occurred at around 6:30 PM at the intersection of Villa Circle and E. 26th Street. Police say they were called to the scene after reports of a collision between a car and a bicycle. No indication has been […] February 21, 2018 READ MORE

Pedestrian Hit in Norfolk Accident

A Chesapeake man has been charged with driving under the influence after his role in a Norfolk car accident. The February 11, 2018 collision occurred around 5 PM on Granby Street in downtown Norfolk. Police say they responded to calls about a crash involving a man standing outside of Jack Brown’s burger restaurant. They arrived […] February 12, 2018 READ MORE

Bill Would Require Drivers to Signal to Pedestrians

A newly proposed piece of legislation could change the way Virginia drivers interact with pedestrians. A bill introduced by Senator Janet Howell would require motorists to use their blinkers to warn pedestrians of their intentions to turn or change lanes. Though currently required for drivers signaling to other motorists, the use of a turn signal […] February 01, 2018 READ MORE

Pregnant Woman Struck by Car

A pregnant woman and her unborn baby have been listed in good condition after a scary collision earlier this month. Police say that the January 19, 2018 crash occurred around 2:30 PM outside a Newport News Starbucks. The pregnant woman had just purchased a drink when she walked outside. Witnesses say a Jeep Cherokee rear […] January 23, 2018 READ MORE

Pedestrian Hurt in VA Beach Shore Drive Crash

A woman is fighting for her life after being struck by a car in Virginia Beach on Shore Drive this weekend. Police say they received word of a collision early on the morning of Saturday, December 16, 2017. They arrived at the scene of the accident to find a woman suffering from life-threatening injuries sustained […] December 17, 2017 READ MORE

Detectives Search for Driver Responsible for Fatal Norfolk Hit-and-Run

Police are searching for a driver they say may have caused a fatal pedestrian accident in Norfolk this week. The November 30, 2017 wreck occurred around 9:30 PM on South Military Highway. A pedestrian was attempting to cross the road when they were struck by a car. The driver did not stop or attempt to […] December 01, 2017 READ MORE

Teen Hit by Car in Virginia Beach, Driver Charged

A teenager is recovering after being struck by a car in Virginia Beach this morning. Reports show that the teen was crossing the street near Green Run High School around 6:30 AM when a car struck them. First responders found the victim lying in the roadway when they arrived. They transported the teen to the […] November 27, 2017 READ MORE

Norfolk Pedestrian Killed in Hit and Run Crash

Police are searching for the driver responsible for a fatal hit and run crash in Norfolk last night. Initial reports say that the incident occurred at the corner of St. Paul’s Boulevard and East Charlote Street around 10:40 the night of November 7, 2017. First responders found the victim lying in the street, and say […] November 08, 2017 READ MORE

Woman, Children Injured in VA Beach Bike Accident

A woman and three children are recuperating after a bicycle accident in Virginia Beach this week. Police say the September 27, 2017 crash occurred on Doctor Drive around 5:00 PM. Reports indicate that the woman was riding her bicycle with three kids sitting in a trailer attached to the bike. The woman and children were […] September 28, 2017 READ MORE