Legal Malpractice

Among the thousands of practicing attorneys in Virginia, some are more committed to their client’ interests than others. Hard work, long hours and due diligence are the foundations of a successful personal injury case, and when attorneys with little or no experience miss deadlines of fail to recognize important legal statues or procedures, it could cost their clients dearly.

Obtaining a civil judgment against an attorney who has committed legal malpractice requires a legal professional that can not only recognize how the attorney failed his client, but also has the ability to present these mistakes clearly to a judge, jury or arbitrator. Virginia Attorney Richard Serpe offers his legal services to those seeking civil judgments against attorneys.

Richard Serpe: Justice For All

Richard Serpe believes that all attorneys should work diligently in the best interests of every case they accept, no matter how big or small. Anyone that obtains the services of an attorney should expect the following:

That the attorney will handle your legal matter with competence and professionalism.

  • That, when necessary, independent professional judgment will be exercised on your behalf.
  • That any fees charged will be reasonable and will be explained in advance.
  • That your calls and written communication will be responded to promptly.
  • That you will be kept informed of any and all developments of your case.
  • That you will be provided with copies of any important documents.
  • That any confidences learned over the course of the client-attorney relationship will be preserved.
  • That he attorney will exhibit the highest degree of ethical conduct and deal honestly and truthfully with you, the adversary, other lawyers and the judge
  • That the attorney will respect your decisions on the objectives to be pursued in your case, as permitted by law and the rules of professional conduct, including whether to settle your case.
  • These rules of conduct are not mere suggestions. They are standards to which any practicing attorney should adhere. When any one of these standards is broken, the client could lose his or her case not based on its merits, but rather the conduct of the attorney.

Richard Serpe has over two decades of experience in successfully serving the needs of his clients, and he has done so responsibly and ethically. If you or a loved one has experienced unnecessary legal difficulties due to the actions of an attorney that you hired, contact our offices for a free legal consultation today.

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