Legislation May Prevent Adoption Dog Attacks

When a Virginia Beach woman adopted a 1-year-old pit bull from a local animal shelter, she had no idea that the dog would go on to attack and kill her 91-year-old mother. The incident is one of the most horrific in a series of horrifying dog attacks. As more and more Virginians find themselves victims […] January 22, 2018 READ MORE

New Dog Law to Require Bite History

A fatal dog attack in Virginia Beach may lead to new legislation surrounding the adoption of pets in the state of Virginia. A new proposal from a Virginia Beach lawmaker would require animal shelters and other agencies to alert potential adopting families of the pet’s bite history. Any organization that fails to do so would […] December 15, 2017 READ MORE

What are my legal rights after a Virginia dog bite or attack?

A:  If you’ve been attacked by a dog, you’re likely feeling shocked and overwhelmed. Once the initial shock wears off, though, many victims feel helpless. It’s important for dog bite victims to know their rights. When an animal attacks, the owner of the dog is liable for the damage done. Sometimes a person who is […] March 03, 2017 READ MORE

VA House Votes to Change “Dangerous Dog” Term

The legal definition of a dangerous dog is set to change in Virginia. That’s the news out of Richmond, following a unanimous vote of 97-0 in favor of the change. Delegate Matthew Farris of Rustburg introduced the bill, which gives animal control officers the option of deciding whether an animal who bites is indeed dangerous. […] February 08, 2017 READ MORE

3 Ways to Prevent Dog Bites This Holiday Season

The dog versus the mailman: it’s a battle as old as time itself. Okay, maybe the ancient Greeks didn’t work in that particular conflict into their mythology, but there is a reason why the cliche about canines and postal workers persists through time. Dogs are territorial creatures who will protect their space at all costs. […] December 09, 2016 READ MORE

Woman Attacked by Pit Bull at Norfolk Costco

A woman is recovering in the hospital today following a brutal attack at a Norfolk Costco. Early reports are scant on details, but they all seem to indicate that the incident involved at least two pit bulls. Police say the woman and her leashed dog were attacked by a pit bull at a Costco in […] November 04, 2016 READ MORE

Political Door Knockers Beware: Dogs Bite

There’s nothing more patriotic than casting your vote for the next president. With just over a week to go before Election Day, volunteers for both major political parties have been going door to door in support of their favorite candidate. But these volunteers can run into more conflict than just someone of the opposing ideology: […] October 31, 2016 READ MORE

The Tragedy that Sparked Montreal’s Pit Bull Ban

Where do you stand on the pit bull debate? For some animal lovers, the question is a no brainer: they claim pit bulls are no more violent than any other breed. But for many other people, the question is complicated. One Canadian city attempted a ban earlier this year after a particularly tragic dog attack. […] October 21, 2016 READ MORE

Study: Pit Bulls Linked to Serious Attacks

Whether you love them or hate them, pit bulls are a topic sure to get a rise out of nearly every American. They have been the source of news headlines for years, but there has been little research to back up claims about pit bull attacks – until now. Published earlier this summer, a study […] October 10, 2016 READ MORE

Is Online Shopping Causing More Dog Attacks?

Online shopping is a wonderful thing. Virtually anything you might need can be delivered to you in a matter of days. But with this convenience comes a heightened level of danger – for your postmen and women. Reports show that dog bites were up 14 percent in 2015, likely because of the increased popularity of shopping […] August 18, 2016 READ MORE