Police Investigating Hit-and-Run Crashes in Virginia Beach

Virginia Car Accident Lawyer - Richard SerpeTwo hit-and-run accidents that happened in Virginia Beach this morning may be related. That’s what police are investigating following the September 8, 2017 accidents on Dean Drive and Hilber Street. The first incident occurred just before 9:00 AM when a stolen car struck two employees of Art Walker Auto Service on Dean Drive. The car fled the scene.

The two employees were taken to the hospital with injuries.

The second incident happened just eight minutes after first on Hilber Street. The driver allegedly crashed into the curb, left the vehicle in the street and fled the scene on foot. Authorities believe the suspect was picked up by someone and left the area.

Since the investigation is still ongoing, no word has been given about potential charges or information on the suspect. We can only hope that police will apprehend the at-fault driver.

When a person is struck by a stolen car, they are often left floundering for help with medical bills. Normally, insurance of the car that hit the person would cover their expenses, but that does not apply to stolen vehicles. If the thief had his own car insurance, then it might cover the victim’s medical costs, but the likelihood of the suspect retaining insurance is slim.

Instead, the victims will likely have to lean heavily on their own auto insurance policies. Compensation for car repairs, medical bills and pain and suffering may be available, but not without much negotiation with the insurance company. A Virginia car accident attorney can be your best ally in this unusual circumstance.

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