Woman Killed by Drunk Driver in Virginia Beach

A Florida man is facing charges after his involvement in a Virginia Beach car accident, police say. The June 3rd, 2018 accident occurred around 10 PM on Great Neck Road. Authorities say the driver struck a vehicle turning onto Great Neck. Both the at-fault driver and their passenger fled the scene on foot. Tragically, the […] June 05, 2018 READ MORE

Cyclist Killed in VA Beach Crash

Confusion over cycling laws and the right of way may have led to a Virginia Beach cyclist’s death this weekend. The June 2, 2018 accident occurred around 10 AM at the intersection of Pacific Avenue and 16th street. Police say the cyclist was heading eastbound to cross over Pacific and 16th when a Kia Sorento […] June 05, 2018 READ MORE

Driver Charged in Deadly Hanover Co. Crash

A South Carolina man has been arrested after crashing his car into a tree in Hanover County. Police say they received word about the accident around 12:40 AM. When they arrived on the scene, they found the vehicle in question on fire. The incident allegedly occurred when the driver of the 2009 Audi veered off […] May 22, 2018 READ MORE

Daydreaming Tops List of Driving Distractions

A surprising activity has topped a recent list of common driving distractions: daydreaming. Erie Insurance released information gleaned from police about the most common causes of distracted driving, and while cell phone use came close to the top, daydreaming beat it out for the top spot. Tragically, one in 10 people killed in car accidents […] April 22, 2018 READ MORE

10 Injured in Norfolk Bus Crash

At least five Hampton Roads Transit bus passengers were hurt in a collision with a city truck earlier this week. The Wednesday, April 18, 2018 crash occurred near the intersection of Waverly Way and 26th St. in Norfolk. Not many details have been released about the exact cause of the wreck, but we know that […] April 20, 2018 READ MORE

Man Killed in VA Beach Crash

One person has died after a crash in Virginia Beach. The April 13, 2018 collision occurred near the intersection of Dam Neck Road and London Bridge Road around 6:30 PM. Police responded to a call that a minivan heading west on Dam Neck Road struck the back of a Honda Civic. The collision forced the […] April 19, 2018 READ MORE

Driver Killed in Portsmouth Wreck

One person has died after being involved in an accident in Portsmouth this week. The April 12, 2018 accident occurred around 3:00 AM. Police say they received word that a tractor trailer had struck the rear of a Kia Sorrento while traveling on VA-164 near the Town Point Road exit. The collision caused the driver of […] April 13, 2018 READ MORE

Thousands Fined for Driving Too Slowly

A new Virginia traffic law has resulted in thousands of tickets for drivers throughout the Commonwealth. Virginia set the new standard back in July 2017, fining drivers $100 when they drive too slowly in the left lane, when they fail to stay in the right lane except for when passing, or for crossing a double […] April 13, 2018 READ MORE

Motorcyclist Hurt in Norfolk Crash

A motorcyclist is fighting for his life after being involved in a wreck in Norfolk last week. The April 6, 2018 collision occurred around 11 AM in the 700 block of Newtown Road. Police say they were called to the scene when a car collided with the motorcycle, sending the biker off his vehicle. Authorities […] April 09, 2018 READ MORE

Pedestrians Killed, Hurt at Norfolk Intersection

A 29-year-old Norfolk man has died after being struck by a car. The April 3, 2018 accident occurred when the man attempted to cross the street at Newport Ave. and Little Creek Road. Witnesses say the victim was thrown in the air, shattering the windshield of the car that struck him. Police say the driver […] April 06, 2018 READ MORE