Whistleblower Fired for Reporting Abuse Sues School and Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento

A football coach at St. Patrick-St. Vincent Catholic High School has filed a lawsuit against the school and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento for wrongful termination after reporting sexual hazing on his team.

According to News10, in December Chris Cerbone overheard that varsity players were hazing freshman players in the locker room by exposing their genitals to them. He then immediately reported this to Child Protective Services, a chaplain, and then the school principal. A little while after he was fired.

Cerbone’s attorney says that this is a classic case of whistle blower retaliation. However, the Sacramento diocese spokesman says that factors other than his reporting the incident went into the consideration of his termination.

The lawsuit seeks lost wages, emotional distress damages and punitive damages, and attorneys fees for having suffered defamation, wrongful termination, and retaliation.v

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